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Sweden is one of the most liberal, happiest places in the entire world. Even though there are still things that can be improved when it comes to personal freedom, Sweden ranks as one of the best places to live. Today I want to take a quick look at online gambling laws in Sweden and what exactly should be changed. When it comes to gambling online, Swedes can do pretty much whatever they want. But it’s not due to the liberal gambling laws, rather a lack of regulation. Current laws that allow monopoly to thrive, do nothing to help more businesses come in and offer their services legally in Sweden. As a result, even though the market officially is owned by Svenska Spel, other gaming operators are forced to offer their services by illegal means which have enormous economic disadvantage to Sweden and does not offer any protection to players. Having said that, I also have to point out that not all is bad for the players in the country. There are plenty of operators that operate under new UK gambling laws. It’s not the same as being licensed in Sweden are operators such as Unibet or William Hill have been trusted in other countries for decades, so naturally they should also be safe to play in Sweden. As far as Swedish online gaming laws go, it’s fair to say that the change has already started. Legislation already has been introduced yet there is still some way to go until you will read william hill vegas recension or other operator that is not a part of Svenska Spel. Another questions is what will it take to get a Swedish license and whether after amendments it will apply to all online gambling or separately to poker, casino and sports. Sweden is surely moving in the right direction but there are still many places where it could go terribly wrong. As planned, the new regulation should go in affect if passed in the second half of 2017.