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Strong heroes and fiesty heroines facing overwhelming situations, and not only succeeding, but managing to love and happily ever after in the bargain. Yes, there are love scenes in some these books (no snickering please), but sex goes hand-in-hand with love and marriage. That's what these books are about.You won't find meaningless one-night stands. You'll find two characters traveling the road to love and commitment, while they chase the child-napper, run from the serial killer, or fight the outlaws intent on robbing their stagecoach.

Science Fiction

Spaceflight, life on other planets, alien species. Races fighting world domination by evil empires. Androids. Anything is possible in Science fiction.

Genre Fiction

The categories listed above seem to be the favorites, but we haven't forgotten the rest.Here you'll find Action and Adventure, Paranormal, Fantasy, Horror, Historicals -- like Westerns, and a bunch more.


How To's, self-help, humor, instructional books, informational books. Want to know how to keep your indoor cat happy? Want to know what Electronic Publishing is all about? Check out the reviews. We don't receive many of these but those we do are definitely worth the cover price.

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