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These sites come highly recommended. While sections are still under construction, there are more than enough pages and loads of information to keep any websurfer busy. The Scribes World is home to authors' personal pages, book reviews, forums, a chat room, and much more. Not only can writers of all genres submit their work for review, but readers also have "what's hot" at their fingertips with extremely easy to navigate pages. Scribes World Reviews also offers book lovers a chance to give their opinion as a Scribes World reviewer. It's as easy as filling out a brief form to qualify. You'll even find a page where you can add your own site as a link! As if that's not enough, those in need of a beautifully designed website at a reasonable price should check out the Web Design link. These are originially designed pages by the talented Lisa Ramaglia. Just a note (and a small plug), you can move into Scribes World at nearly half price until December 31, 1999. As soon as you visit this site, tuck it safely into your favorites folder!

Author Lissa Michaels
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Lissa Michaels

I visited this site a number of times B.A. (before award), and am very pleased that it's the first author site to receive the MORE THAN A WEBSITE AWARD. In this day and age, many websites are loaded down with flashing carnival lights and eye-crossing graphics that scream for attention instead of guiding the surfer to what's important: CONTENT. This is the first thing I notice when visiting a site. The contemporary atmosphere of Lissa Michaels' website is both eye catching and comfortable, the perfect balance. This site features author Lissa Michaels and Captive Hearts, her futuristic romance novel. You'll find reviews, personal bio, and of course, the opportunity to try before you buy with a free excerpt. And if you like the book (the excerpt speaks for itself!), there's a direct link to place your order. Research, thought, and heart obviously went into the design of this site. You won't regret your visit, so click "here" to check it out.

Author Kathy Thurlow
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